Why Stocktake?What we do


Any business holding stock will need an accurate stock value at the end of each financial year. It is used to arrive at a gross profit.


A track record of accurate stock values will help the success of any claim for losses.


An independent stock check frees your own staff to do what they do best, could save management endless hours of calculations and can be done whilst trading is in progress saving overtime costs. An in-house exercise could well be compromised by interruptions.


Year by year figures allow management scrutiny of variances and can highlight values expired and slow moving stock allowing informed decision making .


An independent stocktaker is responsible to you the client and to external bodies like accountants and HM Customs and Revenue. Potentially,  independent stocktaking can save you expensive work to meet HMRC enquiries.

Sale of business

The sale of a business is sometimes a fraught time and an independent and impartial stock assessment will be found to well repay the modest cost involved.

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