Sale Valuations

Your choice of a stock valuer on the sale of your business is critical. The right choice can save your money. Our long experience coupled with personal attention will best look after your interests.

We do not just count- we check each item for condition, saleability, expiry date, correct location and quantity. We can adjust the resultĀ  from sales and purchase paperwork to your financial year end. We work quietly and unobtrusively.




We will normally come on the agreed day and can produce a result before we leave the site. We can work for one or both parties. Our work is impartial and is aimed at achieving a result that is fair and reasonable to both parties.

If working for one party only we will normally agree the result with the other stock-takers.

We will aim to leave everyone happy with the result and how it has been arrived at.


Why Frank G May & Son is your best choice!